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Beyond Frustrated (Success?)


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I just finished my Whole60 (we did it as a family effort) and I'm beyond frustrated. 

My brother lost 20lbs, my mom lost 15 and I lost... 3lbs. 

100% completely and totally compliant for 60 days... and I could just sob with disappointment. And what is worse of all, this is bringing up a lot of old eating disorder feelings and I now have an overwhelming urge to restrict which I haven't had in years. 

And I had almost no non scale victories--I still have a 4pm energy slump, I'm not sleeping better through the night, my skin isn't clearer, and my mood isn't any more even. I still have bloating, gas, constipation, and other gastrointestinal issues. 

Basically--this Whole60 was a total flop.


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I'm sorry you didn't have the results you were hoping for. It is very frustrating when we feel like we do everything right, and still don't feel like we're getting anywhere, but please know that this wasn't a waste of 30 days by any means.  You were still eating healthy foods for 30 days, reading labels, avoiding sugar, eating lots of vegetables. That is a good thing.

It looks like you've done Whole30 before. How closely do you follow it between times? The healthier you're eating between times, the less dramatic your results are going to be, just because it's not a drastic change, your body is just going along, doing its thing as usual, with just a few minor tweaks. Also, for your brother and your mom, how were they eating before they started? The same as you, or much different than you? You can't compare your results to other people's, because your situation and their situation are never, ever going to be the same.

Please, please talk to your doctor or counselor about the eating disorder stuff. If you weren't dealing with that, I'd suggest looking at what foods you were eating, to see if there were any obvious things that could lead to the gastro issues, but it's really, really important you get the other stuff worked out first, because if there were foods that might be affecting you that you would then want to try cutting out, that could just set off more problems, and we don't want you to do that. Get back to feeling good, get the eating disorder stuff sorted out, and then if you feel like in the future you want to try again, come back and talk to us about specifically what foods you were eating, and we can help you look for things that might be causing issues.

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I am probably going to extend another 30 days, and do that with concurrent ED counselling. I'm also making a referral from my GP about the gastrointestinal issues. In previous Whole30s I have felt a lot more "magic", so I am unsure what specifically about this time I found more difficult. Diet wise, I have been eating pretty SAD the last couple of months--mainly with holidays and travel. I will do my before/after pictures and measurements today--hopefully there is a little more of a difference body comp wise. 



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