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Seasonal/Environmental Allergies Worsening

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Hi everyone!

I am on Day 9 of my first Whole30 and so far it's going great. The first few days were challenging but with plenty of prep work (and support from my family and friends) I feel like I have hit my stride.

The challenge I am having is that my seasonal/environmental allergies have flared up to the point that I'm having difficulty functioning. 

10 years ago my allergies were so severe that I started on shots. In fact, the testing showed I was allergic to virtually everything they test for, in varying degrees (I know, right?)(do you care to guess how sick I was of blowing my nose?)

Shots reduced my symptoms by nearly 100% but in the last year they've slowly started to return. Since starting WHole30 they are B-A-N-A-N-A-S. As in, took a double Zyrtec dose this morning to cope. Couldn't sleep for sneezing and itching last night. 

Dust has always elicited the most severe reaction (level 4+).  I do have a level 2 allergy to wheat (and I have Celiac Disease) and a level 1 allergy to dairy, string beans and shellfish. Naturally I have been avoiding those things stringently for the last 9 days (and it's worth noting that I am following the template exactly). The rest of my allergies are too numerous to name but they were all 2-3+ at the time of testing (mold, pollen, dogs, cats, horses, parakeets, you name it). But I should add that we've never finished my food allergy testing. 

I'm curious whether anyone else saw their allergy reactions increase while on Whole30 (itchy eyes and nose, stuffy/runny, sinus headaches, sneezing)? Or is this related to something else entirely? 

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