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Hey! I wanted to check how much Kombucha is recommended on the Whole 30. I drink a ton of water and seltzer (way over the recommended amount) yet still like my other beverages. In the past I would have diet soda, diet juices, and wine/beer basically on a daily basis. I have found Kombucha to really help me stay away from all said beverages and is keeping me compliant with Whole30. However, I do not want to be drinking too much that it is backfiring. 

Basically I am asking if anyone knows how much Kombucha a day or week is Whole30 approved? And possibly, if there are negative affects of drinking Kombucha daily?


Thank you 

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You really need to be drinking primarily water, so I would suggest about 16 oz a day would be plenty.  You also want to make sure that you work your way up with kombucha if you're not used to drinking it... it can cause some gastrointestinal issues if you go from zero to a hundred.

Water is recommended to be 1/2oz per pound of body weight... focus on that first and kombucha secondarily.

The other thing is that while it can be a good deterrent, replacing your previous consumption of soda and booze with kombucha may actually do you more of a disservice than you think... we want to change our relationship with food AND drinks, so replacing one thing for something else isn't always a great idea... yes it's compliant and yes, it's allowed, but really think about why you're wanting something other than water and try and leave the compliant drinks for special occassions etc...

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