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Hi all,

I'm on day 27 and I'm disheartened by my Whole 30 program. I've had no (or very little change) & I've followed the program properly.

I've been vegetarian for approx. 30 years maintaining good health, fitness level and never experiencing anaemia or Vit B deficiency as I'm very conscious of food combining. I don't have any physical health diseases. The only problems I have experienced these last couple years are fluctuating energy levels, lower back pain, dark circles under eyes, and emotional dysregulation due to horrific relationship breakup, high stress jobs & study pressure.

I'm in my final year studies of Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy) and have to complete 300 hours of clinical placement this year. I believe in walking the talk and have been my own guinea pig testing the knowledge I learn on myself so I can explain treatments, nutrition, herbs, supplements etc to my future clients. I decided to complete the whole 30 after reading testimonials and reading 'It start's with food'. I thought it maybe a program I suggest to clients and was interested to see the results in myself.

I started the program to do the strict vegetarian version, no soy, legumes etc but then had to add eggs as I felt I wasn't getting enough protein. After some initial nausea I thought I was going ok, my back pain had decreased and my menstruation had come & gone without the usual symptoms but my lack of energy had not improved. Week 2 I was feeling emotionally better & not being affected by external stressors/triggers as much. (But I put this down to the 30 day meditation challenge I was combining with the whole 30). Week 3 despite absolutely hating eating flesh I added fish every second day due to ongoing fatigue and feeling I wasn't getting enough protein. This last week has been the hardest struggle to stay on the Whole 30 as my energy has dropped to an all time low despite sticking to the program, adding more proteins. I've struggle to exercise other than walking the dogs every day for an hour and feel I have had muscle wastage. Previously I knew I had a intolerance to wheat as after eating it 2-3 days I would get GIT symptoms. Now I get GIT after every meal, which I thought was supposed to decrease on Whole 30 program. (Although this could be linked to eating on the run, eating to fast etc)

To be honest I'm looking forward to finishing and returning to my prior eating habits. There has been some positives I will take from this; learnt how to make my own mayonnaise, linked to back pain to inflammation and not a structural problem, come up with creative recipes with limited ingredients.

My next 30 day challenge will be to eat mindfully. Not eating on the run, standing up, driving, working, studying, talking etc and seeing if this influence my GIT symptoms (mostly bloating after meals) in anyway.

Is anyone else disheartened at the end of their Whole 30 or are you all feeling wonderful?


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Hi:  I just came across your post and was touched by it.  I am only on Day 13 of my first W30 so I can't speak to the what or why of your experience. However, I can say that I felt moved by your dedication and commitment to your health, personal growth and your future clients. I guess I hope that if nothing else, you can feel how unique that is and feel good about yourself for always trying to improve, regardless of the outcome. I know that probably doesn't take away the disappointment (and I am still hoping a Moderator responds with something that is the key to better results). But I have a fear that the same thing will happen to me and I do take comfort in knowing there is value in the effort.  

Best of luck to you.

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I can understand your frustration. Regarding your increase in gastrointestinal symptoms, have you looked into FODMAP's in your food? It could be that you are consuming a greater volume of foods that are high FODMAP, which can cause gastro distress in many people. 

I bet if you post a couple days of meals you'll get good feedback on specifically what you are eating. In the meantime you might want to check out this list: 


The items in grey are higher in FODMAP's. I know for myself that I tolerate some of them better than others. 

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