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Oops!- sooo disappointed!

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On Day 18, while late-night binge-reading old posts here, I came across a panicky post about discovering cornstarch (Vit C) and soy oil (D3, Fish Oil) in vitamins.  Horrified, I leapt out of bed and went to the kitchen and discovered- oh no!- that I'd done the same thing.  I thought I'd prepared so well, reading and following ISWF and W30 instructions with care!  All non-compliant condiments and dressings were either sealed in a plastic bag at the back of the fridge or thrown out.  All my carefully pre-made stews and sauces in the freezer, so yummy and almost OK but not quite because of stock or wine, also stored out of sight.  How could I possibly have forgotten the vitamins?  But I surely did.

So now I have a huge dilemma.  I'm hosting an amateur string quartet at my apartment on what should have been my W30 day 30, rehearsing together for a workshop nearby the next day.  After we rehearse, I plan to serve wine, then we will all go to a local Irish Pub for dinner, where I will have a bare burger and salad w. lemon.  This was going to be my first glass of wine in weeks- I modified my diet drastically because of a health issue weeks before discovering W30 and deciding to do it.  Since then new medication- and possibly diet- has controlled blood and eye pressure (glaucoma).  Btw, my weight has not been an issue for decades.  On W30 I beat sugar addiction and got back some energy.  I also realized that hummus had not been agreeing with me so now my digestion is comfortable again.  Bring on the quacamole!  So all in all I'm doing well.

My dilemma is this: Since I know I'm off sugar as a drug, can I still have that glass of wine?  I do plan to extend the ban on grains and legumes for the extra 18 days.  I don't even mind continuing- and probably will- all the rules for that period.  But I have been really, really looking forward to that glass of wine!  

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