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Doing keto Whole30 since Jan 2nd and feeling great. Appetite is more moderate, no cravings, energy is good, body fat % is gradually dropping (needed). Ketones tested at 3.4 yesterday evening (I only test once daily, roughly the same time each evening, an hour or two after dinner).

My regimen: Having Bulletproof Coffee (strong cold brew coffee, butter, XCT oil) and KetoPrime in the mornings, then egg salad (soft-boiled homegrown eggs with Primal or homemade avocado oil mayo) or tuna salad (tuna, mayo) with some vegies (celery, cukes, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, green salad, steamed broccoli or cauliflower, homemade cultured vegies, etc.) several hours later for late lunch, and then some quality protein, vegies and fat for dinner. Keeping carbs at ~20g per day, and drinking lots of unsweetened hibiscus tea and/or jasmine green tea and taking lots of ConcenTrace Trace Minerals Electrolyte Stamina tablets (4-8) daily too. Also doing sprints or HIIT steep interval walking a couple times per week, strength training (weight lifting on machines at gym) once or twice per week, plus a few walks weekly. Exercise really ramps up the ketone production, esp the sprints!

My macronutritent ratio is generally averaging out around 75:20:5 according to FitDay.

My keto 'Whole30' is not precisely Whole30, since I'm not having as many cups of vegies daily as recommended because I'm just not that hungry, and I'm not "eating" breakfast, but whatever, it's working well for me!

Anybody else doing keto Whole30 these days? How's it going for you?


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doctoremily, I have been BP/keto since early 2014. I've been fudging lately with the stress of my father-in-law's deteriorating health (hospice seems imminent) and supporting my husband through it. Interesting emotional eating, too-many-trips-to-the-city restaurant meals, and I thought the Whole30 would be a help to kick me back on track. About 5 days in I realized my greatest "craving" was daily weigh-ins... and my husband - a grain addict with a wheat-belly - was contemplating joining me (he is not BP/keto). So I fell off and weighed myself (what a weird addiction) and we started together 3/1/17.

This is relatively easy for me cuz I've been keto so long. I was only using keto strips to gauge and need to get more. Are you using a meter? I just recently ordered KetoPrime. Used one tablet one day this week - noticed it really helped energy/motivation/stamina on a blah day. Curious what you realized from keto-priming in the a.m. I take a really quality protein powder in the morning with my BPCoffee. No butter is the Whole30 rule, so curious if you are ghee-ing or considering it. Ghee taste is different than KerryGold Unsalted. Not a Ghee fan...

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