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first whole30 log!


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Well today is the end of my 8th day of whole30!

I am a college student with gluten+lactose intolerance so this seemed like a pretty great plan to figure out the constant stomach problems I've had my whole life!

lunch: Dorm kitchen

mushroom, spinach, turkey and tomato with a scrambled egg. Avocado slice on the side

Dinner: At cafeteria

Broccoli, green beans, grilled chicken

salad of carrots, cucumbers, tomato

feeling good, no nutbutter or fruit explosions today! score!

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turkey sausage, bacon, pineapple <-- weirdest breakfast I've had, but had 10 minutes before I had to leave for class


grilled chicken, green beans, carrots, avocado

dinner: salmon, bok choy

snack: hazelnut butter and frozen banana slices

RESISTED SERIOUS temptation today, my grandma sent me gingersnap molasses cookies and halloween candy, instead I handed all the goodies out to my friends in the dorm! HUGE step in whole 30, i surprisingly didnt want to eat them!

feeling so good because of whole30!

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