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My Start date 3/6/2017


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My name is Gina and I'm starting whole 30 tomorrow 3/6/2017. I was talking with a friend the other day and she told me that she did whole 30 about 7 months ago and she has stayed away from sugar,wheat and dairy ever since...  She feels better than ever and her digestive system in on track after being messed up for years. I too suffer with digestive issues , it seems like I feel sick all the time. I'm 48 years old and weigh 178 pounds my BMI is 30.5 .... That translates to 60 pounds of body fat !!!!!! My joints hurt all the time and I don't sleep well.. I also have a family history of diabetes and heart disease.. My triglycerides are 480.....   I really need this in my life right now. I know if I continue to make poor food choices I will just continue to have health issues and might even die from them. I'm ready!  I know I can do this and I'm excited to make the positive change in my life!

Thanks for listening to my story...

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