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Intro added sugars


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How soon do people typically wait to reintro foods with small added amounts of sugar, such as bacon, gum, sausage and noncompliant deli meat? 

Should I wait to eat any added sugar like in a paleo baked good using coconut sugar. (Having a girls night this week)

Lastly, if I've tried a food group and found I don't react to it, am I compromising the reintro of other foods if I eat them together? For example I don't seem to be reacting to rice, could I try rice cakes with peanut butter as a reintro to legumes?

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It's important for your reintroductions that you don't eat the reintroduced food again after its day until all your reintros are complete. So, no rice and peanut butter together.

The reason is you need to make sure any reaction is to the reintroduced food and NOT a delayed reaction to a previously reintroduced food.

It's an experiment of 1, and you need to get the best information you can out of it. 

The added sugar thing is really up to you. I didn't have any problems with commercial catsup, e.g. during my reintroduction but then again I also stayed strictly Whole30 on the intermediate days (one day of reintroduced food and two days, at least, in between reintroductions). As for paleo baked goods, I avoid them like the plague so I can't offer an opinion. I can say that for some people, having a lot of sugar early on in their reintroduction process seemed to derail the whole reintroduction process.

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