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My Start Date, Tomorrow, Monday March 6

CJ Daniel

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Please excuse this long post but I just realized, I am not sure I understood how serious my health has been, until I started writing this. I am writing it for me.

I am male, and one of those people that is heavy, feels heavy, but people always tell me I am not (dude I am like 50 Pounds over) But I am big.. I want to get healthy, I have a 5 year old son, whom I adore and want to be around for, for many years. I am realistically doing this more for my health, than my weight, but won't be bothered if I can lose 10-15 in my first 30. I am borderline diabetic, won't take meds, and just started taking meds for my blood pressure. I have had a terribly sleeping problem for years, I had tried Lunestra, Ambien, and am currently on a Generic Unisom regime. My back has been given me problems recently, but its never been a big issue. The biggest issue that I am worried about is my digestive system. I have Gerd, Reflux... many of those stupid fat people diseases and it scares me. My doctor told me I am pre Barrets syndrome. I spend my 30's on taking ALka Selzer many times a night and have taken everything under the sun to sleep at night. I will say that my stomach is the most controlled that it has been in years since I have been on Nexum . My doctor tells me it is terrible to take long term, but its better than if I took nothing at all. The best thing would be to lose weight, exercise and eat right, hopefully I am on my way to that.

I am from the restaurant industry, started when I was 14. When I was young I was very active and never had weight problems, although eating restaurant food everyday can't be too healthy.  I must saw that I am not complaining about the industry, as have watched and know food and how to cook, pretty well. I love food, and have no plans for eliminating what I love. But I am convinced I can give up some of the things I love, at least for a while. Cheese and Bread.. Milk, who cares but Cheese.. Damn. I can do it for 30.

I work as a teacher now, no longer in the restaurant biz, I was at work just 4 days ago, and noticed the Whole30 book on the desk of a friend. She said she just started hers on March 1st, but she got the book from another friend of mine, male, who liked it but had issues. Mainly with muscle mass loss, and energy. I am glad I talked to him, because I will alter my diet based on his experience, mainly making sure I get healthy carbs from sweet potatoes and fruit.

I want to thank you all for being here, and being support and advice. Cheers, here we go!



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Hi CJ.. good luck with this process! You will be so happy you did this. 

I am starting today too, and would be glad to walk through with you!  This will be my fifth Whole30. I tend to do one every six months or so, but recently purchased Food Freedom and hope to maintain Whole30 habits more regularly once I'm done. The last Whole30 I did ended about a week before I went to Disney with my family... I fell off that wagon hard, lol. 

On on!

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I started on Sunday. I'm on day 3 now, and I find the food to be the easy part! It's the side effects this first week that are tough to take. But I know from experience that this is a worthwhile journey, so I will stick with it. (It's my third round.) 

@CJ Daniel The prep really is as important as they say it is! Would love to hang out here with all of you and support each other through this.

I'm 59, divorced, two grown kids. I've just had my knee "fixed" (arthroscopic surgery), and I'm looking forward to becoming more active.

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