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And away we go! Starting Today


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Hello All,

I am starting today and I guess there are a lot of reasons that I am committing to the Whole30.  I am more than 100lbs over weight and take medications for HBP and Type 2 Diabetes.  I have sleep issues and a very unhealthy emotional relationship with food.  My existence is just that.  I cannot do much of anything and I am tired all the time.  My reward system is all food based and I know that if I do not make changes that things will only get worse.  So I am committing to a minimum of the Whole56.  Yes I know that 56 is a strange number of days, but it is exactly 6 weeks and that will leave me with enough time to Reintroduce before a major life event.  So for the next six weeks I am committed.  I am also doing 56 days because I know 30 days will not be long enough for me to gain the habits.  I know myself very well and I am approaching this as a lifestyle change and for me that will take longer than 30 days.

I have to deal with some issues.  For example, I put the recipes into myfitnesspal and it appears that the amount of fat in some of the recipes are high.  So I am going to have to leave myfitnesspal behind for this time.  I have been so calorie/fat focused that it was making me crazy.  So here we go.  I had my first breakfast (unfortunately the Hartwig's may be right I might need a snack or two during the first few days).  I would not be being honest if I did not say that there are trepidations as I start, but I have started nonetheless. 

I am looking forward to learning and growing through this process.  There are a lot of food mindsets that I will have to change, but I believe that I can and therefore I will.


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Good luck to you! I started today. Forget My Fitness pal. From what I remember of it, it lumps all fat together and that is not an accurate way to chart. (It may have updated since I used it, if so, I apologize!) There is someone that is starting tomorrow and I have commented on her thread. If you can find it, comment on there and we can all help each other going forward.




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