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eating Whole30 on a road trip?


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I am trying to plan ahead, but I am really not sure how I am going to manage this....my husband and I are both doing a Whole30 (started March 1) and we will be traveling with our dog on March 13-15.  He has heart disease and we need to take him to Univ of Florida in Gainesville for cardiac appts and a dental cleaning.  We will leave here after work on the 15th to drive there, and then on the 14th he has an appt around 11am where we will likely drop him off for a couple hours and pick up up later.  The 15th he is supposed to have an actual dental cleaning and extraction (assuming he is healthy enough for this).

We made this trip once before and got a room with a fridge as the dog eats canned food and we use cheese and turkey lunch meat to get his pills in.  Those little hotel fridges don't seem to keep as cool as a regular one and it actually felt a bit just like an empty cooler.  In other words, I wouldn't really trust it to keep much cold enough for human consumption.

I plan on packing cooler with ice and taking hard boiled eggs, apples, bananas, packages of nuts, Epic chicken bites (like jerkey) and cut up veggies...but these are all snacks.  The drive is 5 hours and we prefer not to stop for meals as we have to leave the dog in the car (not supposed to leave in hotel room).  Although on Wed and Thurs we may be able to eat out for lunch.

How would you handle this situation? There is a public right by the hotel, so I suppose for dinner's I can just bring grilled chicken and homemade vinaigrette and buy lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumbers and shredded carrots when we get there for salads.  I'd probably need to find some large containers to eat these out of rather than washing dishes. 

What do you recommend?? I don't even recall the hotel having a microwave.  Basically things that are best eaten room temp would be our friend.  I guess we can just eat hard eggs and fruit for bfast although I think with the foods mentioned Dh will be starving and whining in no time flat.

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You might find some tips in these;





I personally would call and ask the hotel if they have a microwave you can use while you're there, if that will make a difference in what you pack. You could conceivably take an electric skillet or Foreman grill or something like that to heat things up, if you wanted. For the times when you've dropped your dog off at appointments, you might research possible restaurants near where you'll be and go get hot food at that point. Or look for restaurants that would have compliant food, call in an order, and one of you go pick it up and bring it back to the hotel, or call it in and stop and pick it up after you're done with appointments and on your way back to the hotel.

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Thanks.  I'm reading through the first link.  Most of that stuff looks to be more snacky in nature (we are snackers by nature, so I will be taking most of those items with me as noted above.) I don't have a george foreman grill or electric skillet. I have heard of people traveling with an Instant Pot, but I just don't think its an awesome idea to bring any of those items....the potential for a disaster is there.  Hotels aren't really designed for cooking.  Even if I brought one of those fire risks with me, then there is chopping up items and serving them...not ideal to me.

Tuna is a good idea to add to salads. I'll get some of those packets.  I'm still reading the rest of the links. 

I would love to hear some favorite menu items to order at national chains...

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I travel most weekends, so, this is a good topic for me to explore!  Thanks to Shannon for those links...I was planning on a container of protein salad in my cooler.  Maybe there are some other great ideas in there...

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Here some ideas:

- protein salad with chicken, veggies and mayo

- tortilla de patatas: tastes amazing cold as well (https://www.thespruce.com/spanish-omelet-tortilla-espanola-3083734), I like it with raw veggies and salt as a side (e.g. tomato, cucumber)

- shrimp salad with tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, onion

someone offered me these suggestions on another thread, I made the Spanish omelet and it was great to travel with. I would add some meat and peppers to it the next time I made it. 

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