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2/3 of the way down! The last stretch!


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So, Day 22. I'm confident and nervous at the same time.

Yesterday the Sugar Dragon tried with all its might to get me to cave in. But it did not win! I kept saying to myself "I don't want to start over," "I can't quit when I'm almost done," and "You only have a week and a couple days left."

Eating out is a bit of a challenge. We went to TGI Fridays and I asked a million questions lol. I got grilled salmon and two servings of steamed spinach. (Note: why do they put cheese on everything?? Even the salmon came with Parmesan butter on the menu. And I asked about the spinach and she said that had Parmesan on top of it! It's like a cheese factory! Everything doesn't need something on it but salt and pepper! What the what!!! Okay, rant over.) She was VERY nice with my accommodations and of course I tipped her more than usual. :)

I haven't eaten out that much during the Whole30, just yesterday and a couple days ago when I got a taco salad (no cheese of course!). I rather much cook anyways. I can control how much seasonings and fat go into my foods.

While I'm feeling good about reaching the end, I realize I'm gonna need to continue to fight the sugar dragon. But because I know it's my weakness and I have the tools to guide me, I feel like I have an army right beside me.

Here's to the next 8 days of awesomeness!

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