new find-Cauli rice at Sam's


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I was so tickled yesterday to find cauli rice in Sam's Club yesterday in the frozen section and the only ingredients are cauliflower and salt.  There are 4 bags with about 2 servings each and they microwave about 4 minutes.

I have previously bought the cauli rice from produce section of grocery stores and its good, but this seemed to have more of a rice texture to me.  I have looked at the BirdsEye brand at Walmart and it looked like it was not compliant.

Just wanted to share my food find.  We served Indian Butter Chicken over this and I plan to make fajita chicken bowls with it later.

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I too love this riced cauliflower! It's so easy to prepare in many different ways. Imagine my devastation when I realized they stopped carrying it like 2 weeks ago.  I tried Green Giant's riced cauliflower the other day and was pleasantly surprised but still super sad  Sam's stopped carrying it bc you get so much for a nice price. 

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