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Scuff's log


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Day 3- B'fast, spinich & mushroom eggs & blueberries

Lunch- steak, peppers, mushrooms & onions with salt, pepper & garlic powder, potato (coconut cram is surprisingly good)  in pic 

Dinner- salad with leftover steak and potatoes, 2 larabars, still hungry but an hour from home. 


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Day 4- co-op fail. Bring more food next week. 

Dinner- Beef Barley soup minus the broth and barley


Day 5- B'fast- Hamburger Patty, pepper mix from Day 3, potato. Stayed with me a bit better than eggs for b'fast

Lunch- tuna salad (homemade mayo) grapes, carrots & nut butter (pecans, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds) 


Feeling pretty good. Pre-whole 30- lots of heartburn through body to back. Mid-back pain. (Related?) often nauseous. Past few months, pain in stomach after eating.  - Still some, but mostly gone already. Headaches going on 2 weeks. (From headcold?) still present, though mild. 

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