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Can anyone offer suggestions on some good energy-boosting snacks and meals? I'm not a coffee drinker and find that when I just eat fruit, I get jittery. I can only eat nuts in small quantities without adverse reactions. I am so groggy in the morning and am having trouble finding foods that can wake me up.

Thank you! :)

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You don't say where you are in your Whole30, but know that it's pretty common to more tired than usual in the first week or so.

There's not really any food that will give you the energy you're looking for just as a snack. In the morning, try stretching, taking a shower, doing some light exercise, and if possible, getting out into the sunshine for a few minutes. Throughout the day, if you feel tired, especially if you are fairly sedentary throughout the day, getting up and moving around can help a lot. Even if it's just to walk over to get some water, taking a quick walk on your lunch break, walking over to tell a coworker something instead of emailing or calling them.

The best way to deal with low energy is really to eat three meals a day that match the meal template, trying to eat the first one within an hour of waking up in the morning. You never have to eat any nuts, and they're not really a great fat source anyway. The meal template lists several options and the sizes of them to aim for at each meal -- you should have one or two of the choices listed in addition to whatever oil you cook in, as often the oil you cook in stays in the pan and isn't consumed. Be sure you're drinking plenty of water each day -- aim for 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, so a 120-lb person should aim for at least 60 oz per day. Salt your food -- when you cut out processed foods, you cut your salt intake dramatically, and we do need some salt in our diets. If you work out, have pre- and post-wo meals in addition to your regular meals.


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