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What Book to read first


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The Whole30 book is how to do a whole30. It has a step by step guide of what to do, what to expect, and even recipes you can use.

Food Freedom Forever is all about how you learn from your experience on whole30 to decide for yourself how to eat for the rest of your life.

There's also It Starts With Food, which explains the science behind whole30, or why the rules are what they are, and there's the Whole30 Cookbook, which is just what it sounds like, a cookbook full of whole30 recipes. 

You don't have to purchase any of them to do a whole30, but which one is right for you depends on what you're looking for right now. If you've explored the website and have a good grasp of all the rules and recommendations for how to do a Whole30, you may not need the Whole30 book, but if you like that information on paper in front of you to flip through and refer back to, you may want it.


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