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dijon mustard Whole 30 approved

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I am brand new to this Whole30.  My question is in the ingredient it mentions things like dijon mustard whole30 approved or bacon whole-30 compliant?

How do I know if I am buy whole30-compliant dijon mustard or bacon?  These are not listed in the Whole30 approved section near the end of the book.


Please help


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A food is compliant if it follows all the rules of the program. For dijon mustard, many have wine in them, and those are not compliant. For bacon, many have sugar in them, and therefore are not compliant. Either could have other things in them that aren't allowed on the program -- msg and soy show up in a lot of foods you wouldn't expect, for instance.

There are several downloads available here -- one is a Sneaky Sugars list that lists many of the different names sugar and sweeteners can be listed under, and another is a common additives cheat sheet that lists other common ingredients you might see, explains a little about what they are, and tells whether they're okay or not on Whole30.

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10 hours ago, VancouverGirl said:

Thanks ShannonM816.

I'm so new to this; still feel pretty overwhelmed with all the rules but will get used to it.  I haven't started yet.

I started my Whole30 a week later than I had initially planned because I decided I wanted to read the entire Whole30 book first. I highly recommend reading every page, at least up until the recipe section starts, if you haven't. Makes things much simpler, and you'll be much less likely to accidentally eat a non-compliant food. It also convinced me to do the program as written, not Whole30 + stevia, which is actually something I had considered. After reading the book, I understood just how pointless that would be. Best of luck! 

One more thing, find a forum thread devoted to your start date once you do start. It's nice to be able to see what others are going through, and the very helpful mods will pop in daily to answer questions or give suggestions. I don't know if I would have made it this far without the forum! 

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