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I'm on day 4 and have had a consistent low grade headache for the past two days. I'm hoping they won't last much longer. I've been trying to up my water intake and use peppermint essential oil in place of tylenol/advil etc. This has been keeping my headaches to a minimum. Although I can't comment weather 7 days is normal or not (as this is my first Whole30) but I just wanted to offer tips that have been working for me, just incase they work for you or anyone else reading this post. 

I hope it get's better for you!

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Hi @Anne G & @s3D - some headaches are fairly normal in the early days as your body adjusts, but for the most part they should be gone by day 7, so if you'd like to post what you've been eating over the last 3-4 days we can take a look and see if perhaps you need to make some tweaks to the composition of your meals, or if there are any potential triggers...

Often headaches are from lack of salt, lack of fat, lack of water, lack of food in general, or any combination of the afore-mentioned.

Hope this helps.


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