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March 5th Started Whole30

Brianna Lamar

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So my fiancé Sean and I decided to start the whole30 because my OBGYN suggested it to me to do for my fertility disorder, so I did as much research as I could with Youtube and I also got the book that she recommended. I look forward to completing the full 30 days and eventually continuing it as a full lifestyle, because I personally feel like why only do it for 30 Days if you're just going to go back to all the bad foods that you use to eat? Also I don't mind that there are reintroductions however I think it depends on how those reintroductions react with your body as in what side affects they give you from eating them. I personally want us to continue with the strictness of this Whole30; for those of you wanting another big challenge you may want to look into the Keto (Ketogenic) Diet.

 So far it is Day 3, but I'll explain whets happened so far between Day 1 to now. So day 1 we made sausage patties and eggs but I didn't know that the sausage was already seasoned when I got it from Wal-Mart and the recipe asked for too much salt for the eggs so everything was really salty lol, then we took a nap at noon and woke up at 2 only to leave to the store at 345 and we went to 4 different stores( Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Signature Kroger, and Target), and broke the bank:unsure: pretty much for just getting some stuff in bulk and we found an inexpensive food processor at Target which was great. So that night we cooked up the pork chops and sweet potato wedges from RealPlans and I made the citrus mint salad from there as well, I like that I can import recipes from other sites on there to include in my meal plan. Also my fiancé has realized how important meal planning with me is since he had a lot of questions as far as what we could or couldn't eat and whether or not certain things were allowed. I made sure to use the 'It Starts With Food' book as well as the 'Whole30' book that way I could go through which foods and drinks were compliant. I like that it makes it to where he's able to be more interactive with this lifestyle change. Day 2, for breakfast we just had fruit and water and carried 1 Larabar so that way we could have something to hold us over from after lunch to the end of the day and then for dinner last night we had the pork chops again. Day 3, I had an apple and water for my breakfast but it was one of those big organic green apples so it can be quite filling without the almond butter, and for lunch I had our pork chops and sweet potato wedges with the citrus fruit mint salad that I made.

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