Going to Disney and Just finished Whole30

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So, here's the deal. 

My wife and I are taking our two girls to Disney World in a week. We have had this trip planned for a long time and are very excited. I had thought about saving Whole30 until after this trip but really wanted to start the process of feeling better so I could really enjoy the Disney experience. Now I feel better but realize this is not going to be an easy trip as a Whole30 convert. 

We are staying on Disney property and do not have the ability to eat out for every single meal. We need some easy to store and take food ideas that we can pack in our bags for the flight. We will eat out for one meal but will need something to eat for breakfast and lunch. Then, some snacks. 


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I just got back from a day of fun at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom while on my W30.

For my long day in the parks, I packed Epic bars, homemade jerky (made from sugar-free/paleo turkey bacon), citrus fruit, sealed pouched of olives, SeaSnax flavored seaweed sheets, etc.

The parks allow you to bring your own foods in, so it makes life much easier.

You could also pack some tinned foods -- tuna, salmon, sardines -- and nut butter in your luggage. With your official W30 finished, maybe an RXBar or two would be a nice addition.

Have fun!


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You might find these downloads helpful: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-travel.pdf


You can also google Whole30 travel to find past discussions on this. There have also been discussions about going to some of the Disney parks, so if you google Whole30 Disney World you might find tips for finding food around the parks themselves.

You'll probably want to think about if you're planning to stay 100% Whole30, or if you're going to off-road a bit (although if you haven't finished reintroductions by the time you leave, this may not be as easy to do).

You could also consider stopping at a grocery store on the way from the airport to the hotel to pick up things like fresh vegetables, cans of tuna, eggs if you're going to have a way to cook them, or other easy to fix things, so you don't have to pack as much for the flight. If you use something like google maps, and plug in your hotel's address and the airport, you should be able to get it to show you grocery stores near your route so you can figure out beforehand which looks like a good place to try.

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I was at Disney yesterday; Magic Kingdom specially. I found out that all of the food stops have allergy menus. At Columbia harbor House near liberty square, I was able to order grilled salmon off the dairy free menu and it came with steamed green beans and carrots. It also came with fries which I didn't eat. I brought fruit, cashews and chomps meat sticks to eat as well. Fort my flight and the rest of my trip, I brought some packaged olives. We stayed at a suite with a kitchen so we were able to stop at the grocery store for la Croix, chicken sausage, eggs, veggies, etc to make the other days work. Publix carries Tessemaes! Good luck!

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