Relief from possible candida die off??


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Hi, I'm 31 and on about day 17 of my first whole 30.  My main motivation for starting centered around my immune system.  In the last two years I had a significant case of mono which has lead to chronic fatigue and also developed significant environmental allergies and asthma.  And I had a serious love of sugar.  I had been doing quite well until about day 14 when I began experiencing changes in bowel movements (loose, more frequent) which I was expecting.  But then seemingly over night I developed a red, raised rash, and itching everywhere (to include anal and perineal areas), cold sores/blisters on the corners of my mouth and redness and a rash on my face, decreased appetite and just all around feel miserable.  I am a nurse and through some extensive research, believe I'm experiencing candida die off.  I figured I had leaky gut but this pretty much confirms it, and my high sugar diet before was just fueling candida overgrowth.  I want to press on with Whole30 but feel completely at a loss for how to battle these symptoms.  Because of my background as a nurse I'm not very familiar with alternative, more natural treatments and know if I head to a doctor they will likely prescribe antifungals which I believe will make it worse.  I have been doing epson salt baths, and trying to drink even more water then normal.  I cut back on nuts and nut butters and slowed down on fruit.  Any advice on symptom management would be greatly appreciated (i.e. Probiotics, supplements, creams).  I just don't know what candida resources are reliable and don't want treat this incorrectly and risk getting worse. ☹️

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I don't have a ton of help, but I'd get some milk thistle/dandilion root/marshmallow root (just look for milk thinstle, other stuff will probably be in there, too) supplements to help your liver. It was suggested to me by my midwife years ago when I had a PUPPs rash and has helped every time I had an eczema flare up or similar skin issues. Supporting your liver during this can't hurt and will likely help your skin as your body has an easier time flushing things out. 

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