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01.03.2017 STARTDATE: Hello from Germany!


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Hello everyone!

My Name is Jennifer, I am 31years old and I live in a very small town approximately one hour away from Cologne. I heard about Whole30 in a TVShow where they introduced a woman, Kat meets Kale, who did the program and lost weight and felt healthier. So I decided to try it myself. As you surely already recognized, my english is not the best. You can't imagine the joy i felt when I saw that there is a german Version of Whole30 - in german it is called RESET. As it is also from Melissa and Dallas, I assumed it is the same and I am now at Day 8. At the Moment I start to develope some weird Habits. I start to feel bad, because I think I ate too many sweet potatoes in my meal. Or I used to much coconut milk. Thats really weird.

What I really miss is getting on the scale. It was my morning ritual...

Hopefully you can give me some advices about these habits or the ones that might follow!





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