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Has anyone found that their old foods are really disappointing?  Everything I've tried so far has left me unsatisfied, taste wise.  For example today I'm reintroducing dairy so for lunch I went to the deli I have always loved- little hipster place with fresh ingredients and lots of GF and Vegan options.  I got cheddar broccoli soup, salad with mozzarella and pesto, and a Greek yogurt for 'dessert'.  The soup tasted like the cheese was that fake, American 'cheese food'.  The mozzarella and pesto was salty and sad.  I'm saving the yogurt for later but all in all I was really disappointed, and dairy/cheese has always been my favorite thing ever!

The same thing happened when I had bread and pancakes last week, they were just meh taste wise and made me feel terrible afterwards.  I can't say that I love the food on w30, sometimes I have to choke it down, but I never expected to lose my taste for non-whole foods!

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Yes!!! @Georgina2

There have been some things that tasted amazing, like my favorite bread, but the muffin I had during reintro was just gross. I didn't like the crackers, which I normally love, and the rice wasn't as good as I remembered it either. I also did not like the tortillas or tortilla chips I normally love.

I haven't reintroduced much else besides those. I'm not reintroducing soda. I've broken my sugary drink addiction and am NOT going back. I'm verry happy with coffee, and La Croix drinks. I think when I start drinking too I'll add some honey, but the biggest thing I will be avoiding from now on is sugar. I want it out of my life.

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Hope everyone's retintros are going well -- or went well.

I did my first Monday (day 43). It was popcorn, which I really didn't expect to be much of an issue, but it was. 

The brief headache and nausea I felt a couple of hours after eating it wasn't much of a concern, however the state I woke up in a few hours later was. It was about 3am, and I woke up to find I'd been scratching my chest in my sleep. It was an intense itching right down my breastbone area that lasted over a half-hour. 

Then this morning, about 35 hours after I ate the popcorn, I had a bad asthma attack. This was the first asthma attack I've had since the first week on W30, and far worse than that last one. After that many hours, I can't be sure the popcorn caused it, I suppose. But I'm glad I decided to go with a very slow-roll reintro schedule and only one item (rather than one group) at a time. Corn is a no.

I might do another reintro on the weekend, but I'm in no hurry to feel like that again. It's jarring to get a reminder of how bad I often felt pre-W30. 

And yeah, @Georgina2, I have to say, the popcorn wasn't that great. I sort of enjoyed it, in a mindless food-without-brakes way, but it didn't thrill me like hot popcorn used to. Of course, I'm glad about that now. It would have much worse to really love it and then realize it made me feel awful.

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