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River's second Whole30


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So excited to start my second full W30 next Monday, and make it even better than the first -- which was an awesome experience. 

Since last time, I have added one beautiful child, picked up an expensive new studio barre class habit, and have become more comfortable with Paleo cooking and principles. 

What I'm doing to prep / get in the right mindset:

Getting back in the groove this week before starting officially. I'm am currently about 60% compliant. The other 30 percent is dark chocolate, a little cheese here and there, non-clarified butter, my favorite sweetened coconut water.  I have to struggle against the part of me that says: "hey! eat this lackluster gluten-free muffin while you can!!"

Going through as much of the site as I can -- there are some interesting changes -- to the program itself, the info and materials on the blog, and the resources available (like these logs). 

Checking labels in advance. Two years ago, for example, purchased almond milk was out of the question -- pretty much all varieties were made with carageenan in 2015. It's amazing how, in less than 2 years, I can now find multiple varieties for purchase that are W30 compliant, without nasty additives or sugar. It will be great to be able to use it as an alternative to coconut milk in certain recipes.

Reading my old posts. This one is super helpful, and something I think I'll continue to do as I go through the weeks -- so I can benchmark against how I was feeling, what I was doing, and what I was struggling with in Round 1. 


Things I'll have to focus on next week and beyond: eating real, full meals, instead of the grazing that has become my default with now 2 kids... diversifying my workouts... ignoring the siren song of the scale... taking it easy with fruits and nuts, and getting over the "hump" of fighting the sugar dragon (hardest in the first week). 

I'll be using this to check in and maybe also vent my frustrations in ways that might become annoying in a more "community" oriented board. 


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Day 1 of Round two! Feeling happy and excited. I love structure, so really appreciated getting the kickoff email this morning for extra inspiration and motivation. Right now, a big head of cabbage is cooking on the stove in some ghee and salt, some of which will accompany a few eggs for lunch. 

Now I remember why I loved Round 1 so much -- the food is definitely an upgrade from the status quo. Allowing myself the time and resources to prepare good stuff feels like a treat (at least on day 1).

Breakfast: Chia pudding with coconut milk, coffee

Lunch: Big pile of cabbage and eggs 

Dinner: Roasted chicken with mushrooms, kale, and sweet potato

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Day 2 here. Kids are home from school and we're all stuck inside because of the snowstorm, so my meals are less "mindful, slow eating on a plate" to say the least.  However, meals are fantastic. Thankfully I got a major groceries delivery from FreshDirect on Monday so we are all set with food through the storm. 

After roasting TWO spatchcocked chickens simultaneously last night (one of my favorite family-cooking hacks), I put the bones and wings up with water and veggies to make a bone broth. It's been simmering since late last night and smells amazing. I saved the remaining chicken legs / thighs to have as quick leftovers for today's lunch, and shredded the breast meat to feed my one-year old as finger food. Any leftovers of the chicken parts or shredded meat, I will mix up with a little homemade mayo, celery and apple for a little chicken salad for tomorrow! Yes. Chickens are my magical! 

Breakfast: Sauteed cabbage and eggs, with fresh chives and porcini salt

Lunch: Leftover roast chicken from yesterday's dinner, with fresh zucchini noodles sauteed with pork lard and sundried tomatoes, also with that amazing porcini salt (courtesy of Nom Nom Paleo). Really delish! 

Dinner tonight -- will be roasted whole fish with lemon and a kale salad, and maybe a little of that fantastic bone broth. 

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Day 3. I felt very moody this morning and not psyched for the W30 anymore. WTH, only on day 3?? I feel a bit bloated and tired, and just wanted a croissant! However, I got over the hump with the help of a bit of almond butter, ate well today, and am feeling better. Still - I'm groggier and more tired than usual. Can't nap bc of work -- but there will definitely be an early bedtime tonight! 

Breakfast: egg scramble with peppers, cabbage, cucumber. Also coffee and a spoonful of almond butter. 

Lunch: Chicken salad w/homemade mayo, celery, cashew, apple, date

Dinner: Probably more of that chicken salad from lunch -- it was so good! Or, last night's leftover roasted fish with broccoli and bone broth.


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Day 5 and still in a bit of a funk -- but now related to work frustrations. I need to get myself to evening yoga today in order to get out of this mindset. Argh! 

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with scallions, coconut aminos, and fried plantains

Lunch: Sardines over sauteed kale and scallions

Dinner: Tuna salad over kale, with bone broth

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