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soy in my menopause supplement


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I had been upping my soy based on recommendations I'm reading all over the place! I really don't understand whether it's good or bad. Anyway, I'll cut it out now, pray I don't have the dreaded menopause system I'm trying to alleviate, and add nine days to the end of the program if I have to. So far, I've had no results. Perhaps it's because of the supplement. Thanks!


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Soy is an eostrogen mimicker which is why many mainstream Drs (erroneously) keep recommending it, but it actually prevents the body from producing eostrogen on it's own - which is NOT what you want pre/peri/post menopause when eostrogen production tends to drop!!

I'm guessing you'll see a huge improvement once the soy is gone.

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Still ditch the soy... it's extremely inflammatory and causes a great many issues for people... I think you'll find you feel better if you do the Whole30 as written... it does help balance your hormones and you may find that you get relief and I'm not a doctor or a scientist but many people have found menopause relief on the whole30 so maybe your body WANTS to produce estrogen... you never know until you try :)

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Glad I ran across this topic.  I will be starting the Whole30 this Sunday.  I have been having menopause symptoms for two months and started taking Estroven. It has helped my crankiness and hot flashes.  I'm concerned about stopping the Estroven as it's the only thing I have found to keep me from taking off other people's head.  Is there anything else I can take that is natural? I do not want to take Premarin or synthetic estrogen. 

Thanks in advance,


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