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Kirin's continued Whole30


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I didn't even think that I would need to post anything on here for accountability, but i'm on day 27 of what would be my 30 day program. Earlier on in my program I made a lasagna that was compliant, except the small amount of sausage that I used was cured with sugar. I only ate one serving before giving the rest away, and I didn't feel any side effects, but I decided to add 15 days just in case. I use the RealPlans app to plan my meals, but am running really low on money so i'm just going by what's in my fridge and what I can cheaply afford to get. It's getting pretty hard to not under eat, so I need to post somewhere about it to make sure i'm okay. 


Some weird things about my life. I work at Starbucks, i'm a nanny, and i'm a working actor. So for example, my typical day would be 4:30 am-11am starbucks, nannying 1-4, and then a show from 7-10:30. It's hard not to eat after rehearsal or a show, since that's where the bulk of my physical activity takes place. So I usually eat at work, eat before I pick up the babies, and eat before rehearsal and a mini meal after rehearsal. 


Today I woke up at 10, had 3 eggs with sweet potatoes and spinach, and coffee with compliant almond milk. For lunch I had a chicken breast with a small spiraled zucchini with homemade tomato sauce on top of spinach. For a pre-show sort of meal snack, I treated myself to an acai bowl (which is like a thicker version of a smoothie, but it's totally compliant ingredients. Also the first time i've had anything like it in my 27 days. SO i'm not beating myself up about it.) And for dinner I had a half sweet potato with cinnamon and apple with nutmeg mixed into a hash, and 1 egg and two sausage patties. 

Anyway, anyone who wants to read this and get through the next two weeks is totally welcome to, I just want to engage in the community. <3

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