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10 Days Completed - Checkin

Daryl Mitchell

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I wanted to check-in with how things are going with my diet so far and hope this may encourage others who haven't jumped onboard yet.

I had a little delay starting off, as I found out my vitamins had soy, so 2 days in, I had to start over, but not a big deal. At least it wasn't on day 29 that I decided to look. Then 2 days officially into this I found out I have a hernia and couldn't Crossfit till I get it fixed. It was a point in time where I either had to man-up or go wallow in self-pity....so obviously I manned up.

I have completed 10 days and today is day 11. Since I am not going to Crossfit in the mornings, I have taken that time to make sure I have a good breakfast. Usually it is 3-4 eggs with Kale, some seasoning, some blackberries and usually half an avocado. This morning I had a left over grilled burger, a banana and half an avocado. My family is very busy with soccer (6 days week) so I have not been able to try too many new recipies, but then I could live off steak, chicken or salmon along with asparagus or a salad everynight. One thing though is, Paleo pumpkin chili is divine!

So how do I feel? I feel great as great as I can considering I had to tone down my exercise routine. I have been waking up before my alarm goes off by a few minutes. This morning I didn't have it set at all and woke up right on time. I wished I could say my acne has gone away. It is not gone, but going away. I have a high stress job, and been on-call (woken up many nights at 2 am, 3 am, 5 am, etc.), so sure my body isn't going to totally go my way just yet. I have been able to tighten up my belt another notch so know something good is happening around my waistline.

I hope to finish this up before surgery, as am sure the anesthesia won't be great on balancing out my hormones. For now I am looking forward to see how things go the next 10 days.

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