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Pregnant after Whole 30, 5 years TTC prior


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Hi Ladies, my husband and I tried to get pregnant ages 35-38, had 6 IUI etc, clomid etc. No luck. We took a break/accepted that we may not be able to have kids.  In 2016, I followed a Paleo diet. This past November I started my first true Whole30, followed it to a T,  I felt fantastic. By end January 2017, I was pregnant. We weren't even trying anymore! So far the pregnancy is going well. I am a believer in Whole30, after 5 years, I am finally pregnant. 

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I know this thread is dormant, but I just wanted to say Congratulations!!! I hope all is still going well.  I am 12 days into W30, and I am doing it primarily to try to get pregnant. I have been off all birth control/prevention for about 6 years, but actually trying for just over a year (16 cycles) with fertility drugs etc. I have had zero pregnancies. No chemical, no MC, nothing, and the fertility doctors couldn't give me any explanation as to why. I also did 1 IUI (failed) in November 2016. I WISH I had heard of W30 before now, since my husband is about to deploy for a year. I'm 38, will be 39 when he gets home, but I plan to stick to W30 while he's gone. I hope I have the same outcome you have, and I'm so happy that it worked for you!! Blessings to you and your little one!

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