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Hello! I am a massive tea drinker. Generally if I don't drink coffee (with my lovely icky chemical creamers) I drink my tea straight up. And I have a problem in that I own a ton of tea. I'm sorting through it before I start Whole30 and I'm noticing in the ingredients a lot of things I'm not sure if they're okay. I have a chai, for example, which has vanilla and natural vanilla and cream flavorings. I have no idea if these are legit. 

I did search the forum and it looks like no one has asked about teas. I don't know if that's because no one is a loose leaf tea snob like me and tends to haunt their local boutique? But I'd love some guidance. Especially since all the site and book seem to say for tea is "all is acceptable". And tea, well. I've found that a lot of my favorite teas are apparently doctored up pretty well with some sugars of the non-fruit or flower enhanced variety! Any advice is super appreciated.

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10 minutes ago, MeadowLily said:

This page wasn't really helping with tea, surprisingly! My Tea Peoples are really awesome about labeling things upfront, and I've been using a tea review site to back up what hasn't been labeled and I know is seasonal. It's just the natural flavoring vs the artificial vs some of the ingredients that are throwing me. Anything artificial is being banned to the basket til further notice, same with a few of my poor Oolongs with sulfites (!!).

19 minutes ago, MeadowLily said:

But this was so helpful, especially the first link! Thank you so much!! I'm still trying to figure out if "cream flavoring" is a yay or nay but. I'll keep looking. Thanks!

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