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Hi There,

A friend of mine suggested I watch this video from Dr. Gundry.  


He's very aligned with Paleo/Whole30, talking about how lectins are bad for you, and how they are in grains, beans, nightshades, etc. However one of the big things that stood out to me is he says that Cashews are NOT a nut, they are actually a bean.  Do our moderators have any insight/verification of this? It was the first I'd ever heard of that...

P.S. The video is super annoying. He spent 10 minutes telling you what he's going to tell you without telling you anything - very transparently sales-pitchy. Ugh. 

Anyway - Cashews? 

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Robin Strathdee

Whole9 Director of Communications

Posted May 31, 2012 · 

From my research, a cashew is a seed, not a legume OR a nut. That makes it a-ok! Just be careful not to overeat ;0)


Robin Strathdee says they're a seed as does the article below and one on the bottom says they're a nut. They're on the Whole 30 approved shopping list. 



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