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Can't sleep yet. So I thought I would check out the forum again.  A few minutes ago day 9 started foe me. It's been working and planning, but otherwise good..... Except, and I can't remember which day it started, but oh the twitching and jerking and twitching. It didn't start off so bad, but got lots worse. Arms, back, shoulders, hands, maybe more. When I finally realized it had something to do with this reset I started reading posts here.  Let me go ahead and say that I've been strictly following the program and the meal planning template.  I eat a variety of colors, and green veggies with every meal. Since I had read that it was a magnesium decency I knew I needed magnesium. I didn't have time to research and shop until today. 

I went to Whole Foods. And it took me a while to read all the labels as usual.i was so happy to find one reasonably priced brand that not only contains the needed calcium and magnesium, but also the D3 that I had to stop taking at the start of whole30 because the brand I was taking contains glycerin.  I took as soon as I bought the stuff, and I took another a few minutes ago. I think I will take 1 twice daily until all the twitching is gone.  But seriously, within a few hours, the twitching wasn't as noticeable.

Crossing my fingers, and hope they don't twitch ;)



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