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I am a mom to 3 gorgeous kids, and I also happen to have Celiac disease, allergies to tree nuts, peanuts, dairy and an intolerance to both rice and corn. All this happened (or was discovered) in the last few months, so there have been some major changes in my eating habits. I still love sugar though, I'm hoping through doing the Whole30 I will break the bad habits that I've had most of my life. My husband will not be participating in this, he loves his sandwiches for lunch, but since I do all the cooking, dinners will be Whole30 compliant.

My kids will not be doing the Whole30 with me, but they will be making some changes. We will be a dairy free, gluten free, nut free, low sugar, food dye free house before long. They are 2, 4 and 10, so it will be interesting. But they will not be grain free. Rice crackers, quinoa crispbread and popcorn will still be around our house for now. Our son (2) has some food issues - intolerances to soy and dairy, and hes doing a GF trial right now, so I hope eating this way will help him feel way better.

Oct 26: Today is day 0. I'm going to make a grocery list, make sure we are candy/junk food free and be ready to go for tomorrow!

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Restarting Day 1, and my husband is going to commit to doing it with me, partially! All our meals at home will be gluten free (mine grain free), with the exception of his occasional pizza, but he will still take sandwiches to work. He is also going to not bring candy, chips, donuts, pop etc into the house. Which is huge!

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Day 1, Take 2.

Today was a much better day. I stayed compliant the entire day, even though we spent the day at a 3 year olds bday party. I stayed away from the junk, and I managed to not lick any icing off my kids cake.

The kids did really well too, considering we were at a bday party full of candy, chips, pop and cake. They ate what I allowed them to eat, and didn't get mad when I told them they couldn't have any more. My son was a bit upset that he had to have GF cake that I brought from home while everyone else ate fancy store bought, sugar filled, food dyed to the extreme cake, but he rallied and was ok in the end. Hes too little to understand why he was given something different.

And the best part? After the pinata was broken and 200 peices of candy fell out of it for 8 kids to get their little hands on, my kids each picked up 3 or 4 peices, ate one, and willingly handed the rest over to me for "safe keeping". The other kids each took home about 2 cups worth of candy.

And I can just imagine what my oldest is eating today, shes staying at her grandparents for the week. I know its nothing good, and I would rather not know about it. I'm sure that poptarts were on the menu though.

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