We started March 11!


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My husband, BigDog, and I started Whole 30 yesterday. We had been putting on the pounds since spending time in France last summer.  He did a lot of vigorous outdoor work for three months; I joined him and spent a month working in a Provençal kitchen (I know!).  Our diet there was primarily vegetarian, but with, of course, bread three times a day and OMG cheese! Because we missed it so much when we returned, we kept up the bread and cheese.  And wine. So here we are, looking like Michelin people. I feel matronly, and he has man boobs.  He beats up on himself about it and I forgo baths because I don't like to see the blubber above the water line when the bubbles die away. We both work out but not at the intensity we used to. Two years ago we spent three weeks on raw food (BigDog works in an organic market so he chose the raw meal as his crew meal, making it much easier).  I dropped eleven pounds and he lost 18-this was in conjunction with pretty strenuous exercise as well. Having done raw food, we know we can adhere to the rules.  We're both in our 60s and are trying to keep the creakiness at bay.  We're looking forward to fabulous success!

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