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Day 2, feeling really full! too full?


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I am on Day 2 (whoo hoo!) and I am questioning how full I feel and if my meals are adequate or too much.


*3 scrambled eggs and a small handful of almonds 


*frittata made with chicken sausage, sun dried tomato, red pepper, and spaghetti squash with a sweet potato (w/thumb of clarified butter).


*salad with shredded chicken, guacamole, fresh lime juice, red pepper and salsa.

I worked out in the evening and planned to have an apple with almond butter after but was too full.


Any thoughts, suggestions??


Thank you! Kelly

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Okay, so breakfast is completely lacking in veggies, lunch sounds a whole lot better although it's hard to tell what kind of portion you ate, and dinner also sounds spot on, 

PostWO you should aim for a lean protein & some optional starchy carbs, depending on the intensity of your WO - fruit will replenish liver glycogen when you're looking to replenish depleted muscle glycogen, and fat will slow down absorption of any proteins thereby preventing recovery & repair of the muscle so your apple & almond butter was probably best avoided anyways.

How long are you lasting between meals? Really that will be your indicator of whether or not you are eating enough/too much...

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Thank you!!! Ok I thought I could maybe get away with no veggies in the morning...they are just unappetizing to me for whatever reason. This morning I added some sun dried tomatoes to my scrambled eggs and ate a few slices if red pepper.

The frittata is 4 inches by 4 inches and about a 1/2 inch thick. That along with the sweet potato (eaten at noon) has kept me full until around 5.

My workout is 30 minutes on exercise bike set at intervals nearly everyday. Then I switch up the following: Arm weights, planks, sit ups, push ups (modified). I don't think it is super intense but it's a good workout. But I wouldn't say I feel hungry afterwards which makes it really hard to eat.


Thank you again, I really appreciate it. I am trying so hard to get this right!

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