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SOS - stomach pain and irregular BM's

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Hi! I am on Day 13 of my Whole30 and going strong! However, I am having some daily problems that aren't going away. I suffered from extreme abdominal pain and loose bowels before the program for a long time and that is why I started doing this (doctor's recently say they think it may be IBS). I was hoping that I would at least see a little improvement in my abdominal pain and my poo but unfortunately the only change I've seen with my bowels is that it alternated between constipation (which I never had before) and loose bowels. On a typical day I eat:

Breakfast: 1-2 eggs with tomatoes, bok choy and avocado

Snack: banana with almond butter

Lunch: a salad with chicken or salmon

Dinner: steak/chicken/fish with kale and or potatoes or some vegetable

I don't snack otherwise with the exception of the banana and almond butter.

I weigh around ~145 (at least I did the day before Whole30 I don't know where I am now) and drink about 2 liters or so of water a day. I am on a probiotic I take daily called Align. I also take IBgard as needed for when I am in a lot of pain. 

Please send me your thoughts on anything I should change or add/take out or if I should just wait it out. I am also doing Low-FODMAPS already!! (I miss onion, garlic, brussel sprouts, broccoli and apples so much but u gotta do what u gotta do)

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Almonds are on the RED "avoid" column of my trusted FODMAP list.   I agree that most nuts & nut butters do no favors for someone with IBS.   One ounce of macadamia nuts always seemed to do ok for me -- but keep in mind that build-up of FODMAPs in your system is cumulative, so it really depends on your "total load" of them within a given timeframe.  

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