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Georgina2 Reintro Log


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Bedtime was 2am and i didn't sleep well. Got up Wed 3/22 at 7. Forgot breakfast again but had a bar in the car.

Meal1 @ 10:45 epic bar venison

Meal2 @ 12:15 Mexican Village. Forgot my friends were taking me out for my last days at work. Had a taco salad with lettuce, tomatoes, chicken, beans, cheese, and salsa. Could have totally done without the cheese. Will have to restart whole7 tomorrow.

Still feeling rough today but better than previous couple days. 

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I'm definitely in bad habit land- not just with eating but with sleep and everything else.  I can't wait for this crazy week to be over so I can start having 'normal' days again.

Snack @ 6 black coffee

fell asleep on couch around 7:30 until 10 pm.

Meal 3 @ 10:15 tuna, avocado, asparagus

It's 11 now, trying to decide if I should go to bed or work.  I have more to do in the next 1.5 days than I can possibly complete if I go to bed now, but my body is all jacked from the messed up sleeping/eating patterns.


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Went to bed at midnight.  Thursday 3/23 woke up at 8:30.  No time for breakfast as I had to get out the door by 9 for a meeting.  Really, really can't wait for Friday night!

Meal 1 @ 11 epic venison bar

Meal 2 @ 1:45 steak, acorn squash, ghee, 1/2 avocado, olives

Still have stomach problems and diarrhea.  Last night had really bad joint pain, ankles, knees, hips, and wrists.  Not sure if it was a food reaction?  Today my shoulder tendinitis is acting up too which hasn't been for a couple of weeks.  Had cheese and beans yesterday so maybe one of them caused inflammation?  I hope it was the dairy  because if I end up going mostly paleo it would be good to be able to have beans in my diet.  On second thought- could have been the nightshades/ tomatoes & salsa....


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Meal 3 @ I don't know- 6 or 7?  black bean gluten free spaghetti with pesto

Snack @ 9 coffee w/ cc

Snack @ 10 beanito chips

Snack @ 12 coffee w/ cc

Bedtime 1am.  Hopefully the last day like this with my job ending tomorrow!!!!!!!!

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Could not sleep last night.  Got up at 7- feel terrible.  Joints hurt, legs hurt, tummy upset, headache.  Excited to get back into a healthy groove this weekend.  I joined the Y yesterday so exercise will be a part of that too.

Meal 1 @ 8:00 sausages and garlic green beans in ghee


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Fri meal2 was around 2:30. Steak & acorn squash w/ ghee

Meal3 @ 8:00 went out for sushi/ nigiri. Reintoduced soy for the first time. 

Bed at 10:30. Worst night sweats ever! Soaked my clothes and blankets. I suspect the estrogen from the soy. Definitely not worth it.

Sat 3/25 got up at 9:30. Had to be at the Y for tour at10 so didn't have breakfast till i came home.

Meal1 @ 11:15 sausages and eggs in ghee

Have a migraine and generally feel terrible.

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