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Hi Whole30 Community!

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but giving it a shot. I'm travelling to Dana Point, CA for work next week and looking for restaurant suggestions. I'm actually Post-Whole30 but looking to stay as close to eating "compliantly" as possible, since that's what makes me feel best :D and I have a tendency to go off the rails when "no one is looking." (I'm still working out the emotional connection to food, apparently <_<) I also LOVE trying new, excellent, local restaurants and would consider myself a bit of a foodie.

Is anyone familiar with the area and have any restaurant suggestions? Looks like it is about an hour from LAX. If not, what are your favorite snacks when travelling? I want to make sure I stay fueled through the conference WITHOUT the hotel muffins, thankyouverymuch.



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Good luck! I'm interested too since I live not far from Dana Point. I'd love to know what others say.

I'm still new in this and have been sort of lame in ordering food the 2 times I've had to go out. I ordered plain burgers, protein style, with mustard. Both were great, but I'd like to explore other options.

Oh, that's not the truth, I found a fish grill place that was willing to do my order with no oils, marinades, etc. That was delicious. Sorry to say the fish grill place was an hour north of where you'll be and not in a desirable neighborhood. If I find anything closer, I'll let you know.

Just thought of this... it's "fast food" but you might like Wahoo's Fish Tacos. They have a Paleo salad and might be able to do what you want for Whole 30. There are a couple shops near Dana Point, but none in DP. http://www.wahoos.com/southern-california/

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