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My Reintroduction Phase Log

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Today was my first day reintroducing foods. I figured I'd log it not only to keep myself on track, but to use this as a reference as I'm cooking with these foods again.

Day One was dairy. I had half and half in my coffee, shredded cheese in my chili, and vanilla gelato after dinner.

One thing I noticed right away: I hate the way packaged shredded cheese tastes. Like cardboard. I looked at the ingredients, and saw what they used to prevent mold growth. Nope, I'm good. :wacko: I'll stick to using real blocks of cheese if I want and use a grater.

I will see how I feel the next day. Hope it goes all right!

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Ugh. Had congestion issues all day yesterday. Definitely from the dairy. I ate clean yesterday and so far today with no congestion whatsoever.

Guess I'll stick to non-dairy ice cream. I will have to really want regular ice cream to eat it again, and it will only be gelato. I took my time eating it the other day and enjoyed it. 

I don't usually do half and half anyways. I'll stick with almond or coconut milk or Nutpods.

Cheese: Real. Blocks. Of. Cheese. No more of that cardboard tasting stuff! 

I should have also tried yogurt to see how I'd react. Maybe another day (after all the other re-introduction foods).

Tomorrow I'm going to add in non-gluten foods (chips, pasta, white rice) since there's a birthday and going away party that day. 



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The non-gluten foods went well. I also had alcohol, and that was fine also.

I had breakouts on my face for a couple of days. They are finally gone. That was from the dairy. Crazy. 

I'll work with legumes tomorrow. 

I tried sugar-free syrup in my latte. It's really gross lol. I just wanted to see how it was. Otherwise I've just been having lattes with coconut or almond milk. 

I've been doing well with thinking if I really want some sort of food or not. It really helps I am indecisive, because with all that thinking, I don't want it!

I am also ordering new clothes since my other ones are too big (yay!) so I"m looking forward to a new wardrobe and donating items.

Have a great day!

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