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started March 15th


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I am in my second day of 2nd time of doing whole 30. My motivation for doing whole 30 is to stop overeating and to get my brain straight!

It worked well the first time I did it. My binging on foods was under control, I lost 8lbs with out ever being hungry and best of all my mind felt so clear (none of that brain fog hangover I get when I eat too much sugar and simple carbs) My mood was more stable too none of that underlying depression and anxiety.

But sure enough I slowly went back to the pattern of binging on pizza, crackers, sweets etc for a week then eating well for a few days or trying to restart whole 30 unsuccessfully  (4 or 5 times) and then binging on bad foods again. So this time I am hoping that seeking and giving support from this forum will help me succeed with whole 30

I am on my second day. No headache but feeling quite scattered.

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@JulieChange Keep with it! I just finished my first whole 30 about 2.5 weeks ago and I am back and forth being on a less restricted W30 and then just eating a few slices of cake an someones birthday party. I am still at my same weight when I finished last month and by now I wanted to be down a few lbs, so I am trying to stay paleo during the week and allow myself some wiggle room on the weekends.

I just ordered this new meal plan called SunBasket, it's like a paleo blue apron, so i'm using those meals for dinner on the weekdays and the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Might try to do another whole30 at the end of the summer to try it again, but for now I don't want to plunge back into full W30, much too restrictive, and I found that dairy and gluten don't agree with me so I just avoid those two things.


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