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Struggling with Timing of pre-wo meals with mid-morning workout


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First week on Whole30, and I've hit a snag.

I swim in a 75 minute masters class two days a week at 8:30 in the morning.  I have usually been up for two hours by then, and would normally have eaten breakfast at 7:00-7:15 with the family.  

So, if I eat breakfast with the family, do I still do a pre-workout snack at 8?  Seems silly, and breakfast is enough to sustain me even for a fairly intense workout - BUT breakfast is usually a mix of carbs and protein.  

Here are the options I see:

1.  Carry on per usual with breakfast, but don't have a second pre-workout meal

2.  Eat a normal breakfast (including starch), then add a pre-wo boiled egg around 8:15, post-wo snack around 10, lunch as usual around 12:00

3. Eat a breakfast that doesn't have any starch, eat NO pre-wo snack, have post-wo snack around 10, lunch as usual around 12:00

Have I missed something?

Today's workout was a disaster - I rode my bike to the gym and all was fine, until about 45 minutes into our workout...then Whammo! I ended early, showered, and had a little ham snack.  I am on Day 5, so I guess that kind of wipe-out is to be expected, but it took me twice as long to bike home, then I collapsed on the living room floor until I couldn't stand the dog licking my hammy face any longer....

Open to suggestions!


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You probably don't need the pre-wo meal if you've had breakfast that soon before. It's more for people working out first thing in the morning before breakfast, or who have had several hours since their last meal, like if they worked out on their way home from work and hadn't eaten since lunch. Your normal breakfast should be fine, as long as it meets the meal template. 

Do try taking your post-wo with you and having it before you bike home and see if that helps your ride home, although for the first week or two, workouts can just be really rough, so that may just be something that's going to be hard for a little while. Remember that post-wo should be lean protein and starchy vegetables.

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