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Grass fed UK


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I do believe that Asda are now advertising their meat as grass fed but haven't tried it myself. What I have found in most supermarkets (even the higher quality ones such as M&S and Waitrose) is that the meat is grass AND grain fed.

I can personally recommend the following two suppliers; Laverstock Park Parm and Abel & Cole. I shop online from Abel & Cole as their meat is actually supplied by Laverstock Park Farm which is delicious. They aslo stock good quality organic vegetables, ghee and coconut milk without any sugars or additives.

Whilst they are pricier than the likes of Tescos and Sainsbury's I have now come to the realisation that I value my health more than anything and would rather make a sacrifice elsewhere in my budget to ensure I have good quality organic grass-fed meat and veg. I also like the fact that I am supporting local farms and farmers, I know where my meat is coming from, I know the animals are handled with care and not fed antibiotics and generally seems to be more supportive of the environment. I also have to say that the customer service so far from both has been fantastic.

Anyway I hope this is helpful. Enjoy!

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I've set up a one-off order with Able & Cole. They are a little more expensive than the farm but they don't charge £9.99 for delivery so the order works out a little cheaper.

If the meat is good (and I'm sure it is!) then I'll set-up a weekly meat order.

While it's a bit more expensive than the supermarket, I'll happily pay a small extra for quality and for my health.

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Summer beef in Ireland is grass fed & finished. Winter beef & all lamb is pastured but fattened with grain. (this is something Kerrygold doesn't publicize when they advertise in the US that their butter is made from grass fed dairy cows)

If I could afford the fencing I would buy a lamb as soon as it weans & raise it myself but alas the money is not there for fencing.

Be careful if you find "organic" beef or lamb as it is organic grain fed, not pastured :-(

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Re the organic beef I contacted the brand the good herdsman (stocked in Dunnes) back in January.

Mind you I got their sirloin and it was awful....


Good Herdsmen [email protected]

Jan 25




to me



Thank you for your enquiry.

Mainly grass, but can be given some organic wheat during winter months in order to sustain the cattle.



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http://www.sheepdroveshop.com/ - their bacon is pretty clean as well, but unfortunately they are not what I would call cheap. Tasty though! They have a shop in Bristol and one in North London if either of those are local?

http://www.local-farmers-markets.co.uk/ - useful for finding small local farmers, I've found going to the markets either really late or early helps (early for bones, late for bargains)

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Wow. Thanks for all the info! I have found a farm shop in wilmslow in Cheshire. They are soon to deliver so keep an eye out. I checked the prices and it works out cheaper than Tesco kg for kg artisan meat company if you google it

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I just wanted to update this topic. I've ordered from Abel & Cole and was thrilled with the meet quality. The difference in taste was amazing. I have a weekly veg box on order along with any meat that I buy for delivery.

Couldn't be more satisfied!

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to add to this thread...

there are quite a few farms/companies in the UK who supply beef from grass-fed cows.

Grass-fed beef is becoming a lot more popular amongst the bodybuilding crowd so I'm guessing it's a case of supply meeting demand.

Just to say that all Duchy Organics beef that is sold at Waitrose is grass-fed.






I did actual email Abel & Cole to ask if their cows were grass-fed and got this very nice response:

Dear Tara

I just wanted to add to Phil's comments as I have actually visited both Box and Manor Farms. It is virtually impossible to have any beef system where the animals are entirely grass fed as the grass leys become tired and depleted in the winter and need a little while to recover rather than being over grazed and muddy. In the worst of the weather the herd is brought in to covered sheds with loads of room (and very content they look too!). As Phil said, both farms produce their supplementary winter feed which some organic producers have to ship in as there is not enough in the UK to supply all our needs.

Our non organic range of lamb and beef are also mainly grass fed as they are grazing in Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs) where chemical sprays are not allowed. The welfare standard are equally stringent and the main difference is only that while any supplementary feed is from the UK it is not organic.

I also visited the ‘state of the art' abattoir which is not far from where the cows and sheep are raised and offers a very calming environment prior to slaughter, something which also adds to the excellent taste of the meat.

I hope this helps and you do take the opportunity to try our superb product.

Best wishes Cat

Abel & Cole

Tel: 08452 62 62 62

Web: www.abelandcole.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

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