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Hi there everone.

My name is Margret, icelandic but living in Belgium for the past 8,5 years. I am 35 years old.

I have tried all sorts of diets, change lifestyle, detox etc programs, ranging from a week to 10 weeks ( that was a eating + exercise program) . 

I think it's safe to say that none of them worked for me in the long run, it's been a yo yo ride ever since I moved here ( boyfriend kgs) and at my lowest point about 3 years ago I was way to close to 100kgs. ( 1.2 kgs away) . I don't know why 80 and 90 kgs didn't shake me up and made me realise that I was getting bigger and bigger but 98.8 did. 

I managed to loose 10 kgs on my own by exetcising a lot and eating healthy, and those 8 of those 10 I have managed to keep off. 

I have rocked from loosing another 8 kgs to gaining them back since then and can't seem to get under 80. 

With this come various health effects, depression, low energy levels, bad skin ( not super bad, but not good either). Insomnia, frequent headaches. I get a cold very often and last year I learned I had developed hay fever. 

I was operated on my knee for torn meniscus and it's never been good. 

I am fighting an inflammation in my hip that will not go and that is one of the reasons I looked closer into whole 30. 

The benefits are very interesting too me and I know I can get through 30 days. 

I gave myself a month to think and prepare myself mentally, 2 weeks before I did 2x 3 days of smoothie and juice fast too test my willpower and go without sugar. Plus I was super bloated and constipated. 

The weekend before I started was a weekend of " wrong foods" though as I was in Birmingham meeting up with friends from Iceland and Norway, eating out, drinking ( not much though, I was a goid girl ) and my icelandic fridnds know I love chocolate and several of them brought me some ( I didn't ask for it) .

so I had some, and brought the rest home. Of course my timing was the best .. I started my period, and monday-thursday the sugardragon has had me glued to the sofa with headache, period pain and my hip flared up bad. 

Today I am feeling better, I felt more energetic when I woke up and hope mr sugar dragon will sleep today, it usually wakes up between 2-3pm. 

I am adjusting to the system, mobday and tuesday I was so bad I could not for the life of me have dinner, even if it was just soup I made from scratch. 

Breakfast is the hardest meal, I normally drink my breakfast and can't imagine having any veggies for breakfast so I have eaten off template ( mostly boiled egg, a fruit and a few cashews ). This weekend I will try to plan my breakfast better and find something I can eat that fits the template. 

That's me, thanks for reading if you still are. Day 5 and I am resdy for the next 25, and ready to do them better :) 

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