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It is the start of my second day after finishing my Whole30. Technically, I have not gone off plan; however, I will not continue counting days like I am still on Whole30. I do have my first reintroduction planned for Monday (a glass of wine) and I'm looking forward to it. I'd like to use to log to keep track of my food and thoroughly journal the reintroduction process. To provide some perspective, I work out pretty regularly doing crossfit-style WODs, spinning, and now I am running at least 3 days a week to train for a half-marathon in June. For my reintroduction, I want to continue listening to my body when deciding how much fuel I need, but I am still aiming to lean out, for aesthetic and athletic purposes. I'd love to be able to do unassisted pullups and my strength:body weight ratio needs to go up.

Post Whole30 Day 2, I'm looking forward to a 5-mile run this morning. This will be my longest run yet if I can grind through it!

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Meal 1: 2 eggs in 1/2 tsp coconut oil + handfuls of spinach + 1/4 large avocado + 1/3 chicken breast

Ran 5 miles ~1.5 hrs later and felt great!

Post-WO: a few cubes of roasted sweet potato and ~2 ounces canned salmon

Meal 2: Ground turkey + cauliflower rice +  sugar snap peas + baby carrots + blackberries + strawberries

Went shopping all pretty irritable at the end there, although I didn't feel hungry. Turns out I had been shopping for almost 6 hours. Ugh!

Meal 3: Zoodles + palm size chicken breast + microwaved (frozen) butternut squash + a few cut up cherry tomatoes + remaining Newman's own pasta sauce (compliant) + blackberries + medium banana + almond butter+ coconut oil

Again with the post-Meal 3 fat mix. I will need to stop doing this, but I did it again tonight. I see this happening when I wait too long to eat Meal 3. Once I get started eating I can't put the brakes on. Lesson learned: don't go shopping for hours on end.

Still compliant, still happy, and bought a bunch of new clothes. Looking and feeling good!


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Finally did my first reintroduction last night. I have been and continue to eat Whole30 compliant meals and follow the meal template.

Last night I had about 1.5 glasses of red wine (4 of us shared one bottle and each had 2 pours).

I enjoyed drinking it; it was great. I could feel my feet swelling a bit as I was drinking...this has happened to me before drinking red wine, so I know I can't drink too much. But it was fun to be able to socialize with the group and partake in some alcohol.

This morning I felt maybe a little congested, but it could be that I ran 3.5 miles after I returned home from the happy hour and didn't quite get all the sleep I needed...but maybe I didn't get all the sleep I needed because of the wine! I'll have to reintroduce again and test that theory out.

Back on for 2 more days of strict Whole30 (at least) and we'll see what I decide to reintroduce next!

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I am feeling very good, but I did eat too much fruit yesterday (we had leftover pineapple, watermelon, ripe honeydew, and cantaloupe from an event). Funny thing is, I was far more hungry throughout the day even though I was eating more than my standard 3 meals! Interesting observation.

I love all of the things that Whole30 has helped me become aware of, including that fact that snacking and too much fruit makes me more hungry. Here's to some encouragement to stick to the 3 meals a day.

I also noticed that my biggest improvements have come since I stopped eating sweet potato regularly. I only have one dish that I make that has sweet potato (Melissa's Chicken Hash) and it is 1 potato between 4 servings. My skin is nicer, I get less hungry, and I have leaned out. I do much better on less carbs.

I am minimizing my fruit intake, which has been a continuous goal for me throughout my W30, but something that I need to remain constantly aware of. I do well on low carb, but sometimes my sugar dragon takes over and fruit is a go-to. I'm aiming to cut out fruit after lunch. I'll report back soon on how that goes! For no, no planned reintroductions for the time being.


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Reintroduced dairy today. Started with 2 little containers of half n half in my coffee...a few hours later, my scalp was itching and the itchy patch of skin that disappeared during my W30 was back. It subsided by dinner time, and to continue the test, I ate goat cheese with my sweet potatoes....the itching is back and I hate it.

I am not lactose-intolerant, no issues like that (all my enzymes are intact, including lactase), but apparently, something in milk is a bit of an allergen for me. I will probably give cheese another shot tomorrow, but after that go back on strict Whole30. I'm glad to finally figure out what was causing my itchy patch on my scalp!

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