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I started this thinking that I needed a change. My health has not been great. I had so much pain in my body it hurt to move some days. I had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and two torn meniscus. I was a mess. When my daughter got engaged in January, I decided I had to change.


The first 3 days of my whole30 were the toughest. I had been treating my body so poorly for so long that the detox hit me like a freight train. It was as if I was experiencing a three-day hangover but I never even enjoyed the party. I was told it would pass and I prayed that it would. I endured periods of fatigue and dreams of cupcakes but I persisted. I set my will against a deluge of previously purchased Girl Scout cookies and other temptations. I was determined.


Around day 18 I started feeling truly amazing! The pain in my body, that was such a normal part of my daily existence was gone. I could move easily. I didn’t have tension and pain in my shoulders. My knees didn’t hurt and my feet felt great. I was sleeping soundly without my apnea machine. Most of all I was happy and full of energy!


Then I went on a trip, two years in the making, to Savannah with my husband. Here I was in the middle of the south with no real understanding of just how hard it would be for me to stick to my whole30. I tried and succeeded for about a day. After facing menu after menu of limited or non-existent Whole30 compliant food choices, I caved. I figured what is the big deal. I will enjoy my vacation and start over when I get back. Day three of “what’s the big deal” sent me straight back to my old normal of aches and pain. Nobody needed to convince me to start over. I wanted to. I was desperate to feel better.


So here I am on day 19 of my second Whole30 and I am feeling good again. I figured, except for, 3 days I have completed about 39 days of clean eating and complete adherence to the Whole30. So today I decided to weigh in. I have lost 22lbs. I sleep better, I feel better and I am happier. My blood pressure has dropped dramatically over the last month. My resting heart rate has come down 10 points. I cook delicious healthy Whole30 complaint meals with the help of the “Real Plans” application making it all relatively easy. I still have a few more days to go before I truly finish a Whole30 without interruption, and I am excited to see just what has been causing me problems when I reintroduce foods into my diet but I like my new normal. I don’t ever want to go back.


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