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Standard Restaurant Questions


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Hi All,

I have a couple of social gatherings coming up this week.  One is at a café over breakfast and the other is at a Mexican Restaurant for dinner.  I have already perused the online menus and have an idea of what I will order (the Mexican Restaurant had a whole Gluten Free menu - so that was my starting point!).

Café (Scrambled Eggs with Salsa with Hot Tea)

Mexican (Shrimp Ceviche or Steak a la Mexicana with Water & Lemon)

What questions/request should I ask of my server?  I was thinking about 1) No cheese please, 2) What kind of oil is used in the preparation, 3) No milk or dairy in the scrambled eggs...

What else??? 

I would be SO BUMMED if I have to start over because I spaced and didn't ask about something!  Ya Know?!? 


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There's a downloadable Dining Out guide here that may be helpful: http://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/

You'll want to confirm that your scrambled eggs are just eggs, sometimes places add milk or even a little pancake batter to them. For the steak, you'd need to know what was in any seasonings or marinades used, or have them make yours without those.

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