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Preparing to Begin


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After much reading and watching videos. I am going to embark on Whole 30 very soon.

I ordered the book, it starts with food and went out last night and purchased the Whole 30 book and Whole 30 recipe book. I ordered an egg cooker, purchased a spiralizer last night and and now about to read Whole 30 while I wait for It starts with Food to arrive,

Later today I am gong to get a few items and introduce them in to my diet so I am not staring completely cold turkey.

I'm a life long yo yo weight loss competitor and recent GI issues and realised food sensitivities have brought me here.

I'm hoping Whole 30 will be a lifestyle change that will be a life long adjustment to a longer healthier life.

I will be reading a lot in the forums and will refrain from asking too many repeat questions. I'm hoping I can learn from others experiences and successes, to expedite my own results.

Any Tips and Advice where to look on the site or online for info others feel aided in their success, will be greatly appreciated being completely new and about to begin my Whole 30 journey. So far I am finding that being in Ontario Canada, the product availability is not as plentiful as in the USA. I will be concentrating on where to source products.



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Welcome Bill!

The easiest way to search the forum is via Google... just put Whole30 plus whatever you're looking to find in google and you should find what you're looking for... if you can't, ask away!

There are tons of downloads that you can use to help yourself.  I have a link to all the downloads in my signature below (however if you're on a mobile device, feel free to google search Whole30 downloads if you can't see my signature).

Good luck and have fun!

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