Sparkling Water- Food Lion mistake

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Hi all,

I'm currently on day 7 and was at a friend's cooking lunch.  She brought up the fact that she had some sparkling water, which I remembered was one of those approved items we could have.  It was food lion brand, and as I took a swallow, I looked through the ingredients list, something this program has already made me super conscious of.  Alas, the sparkling water had aspertame in it.  I had only taken a swallow, but really didn't know if that was something that would be grounds for me to have to start over. 

So I figured the best thing to do was to ask the wonderful people here, and go from there. 

Thanks, T


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Here's a good link that may help you come to a decision:

Ideally, you would have looked at the label of the beverage before consuming, or asked your host, but who in the world would think there's be aspartame in sparkling water?! I might also have taken that swallow without checking first... and for me, depending on the day, I may or may not have started over. If I was, like you, early on in the month, I might have added another 7 days to my W30 (rather than starting over per se), considering aspartame is disgusting and can really disrupt your body - not just by adding in the chemical itself, but also because your brain interprets it as a sugar and plays with your physiology and emotionality with that one. If I was on day 27 or something, and it was just a swallow, I might decide to learn from the mistake and move on. But honestly, the choice is yours and is very individual.

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