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March 18 Start

Lynda B.

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Hello! I am new, Just on day 2. I'm here because I'm sick of my digestive system being constantly messed up.  I have already seen an improvement!  I decided to follow the food plan in the book (The Whole30).  It's been a lot of work cooking! But the food is delicious and satiating so far. I can see that satiety and high fiber are two important things in this plan so far, and they are absolutely beneficial. I also chose to give up coffee in the mornings, as much as that breaks my heart.  It is obvious to me that coffee in the morning does a  number on my intestines, and I'm going to give my system a break. However, a cup or a cold brew in the afternoon may happen occasionally. 

I'm concerned, because I've started many eating plans with good intentions and I have had little success in sticking with anything. I just would really like to feel better, so I'm trying.

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