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Hello! about to start day 1 tomorrow and had a question regarding adding fats. I know whole 30 listed out their recommended fats to add. I find these fats difficult to incorporate on the go. i.e. i'm planning my pre workout snack and have the protein down easily, but cant really chase it with olive oil. It appears these fats are best when preparing food stove top? any suggestions for fats on the fly?

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The Whole30 fats are definitely not just for stove-top cooking. And they are essential to help you feel satisfied and tofuel your activities.

There are many ways to have fat on the fly. Mayo travels well and can be used in so many different ways. You can get guacamole in individual servings. And olives come in individual packets. 

Fat is optional pre workout and you may not need a pre workout meal depending on the timing of your next meal. Or you could have an egg for protein and fat. 

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